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ขายเครื่องพิมพ์ Heidelberg 2004 CD 102-6+L



Six Colors with coater
Totalized 97 Million impression
Max. Size 720x1020 mm
Min. Size 340x480 mm
Plate size 790x1030 mm
Max. Paper thickness 1,0 mm
Gripper Margin 10-12 mm
Max print Format 710x1020 mm
Max. Speed 16,500 SPH

Equipped with
CP 2000
Touch screen
Preset plus feeder
Preset plus delivery
Anilox Coating with Chamber blade
Ink temperature control
Technotrans Combistar
Auto Inking rollers washing device
Auto impression cylinder washing device
Auto blanket washing device
Airstar Pro
Weko Powder sprayer
Extended delivery X2
Ultrasonic Double sheet Control
Antistatic eliminator
Drystar 3000 IR Dryer

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